The extra parts you MIGHT want on a unicycle. This is usually the stuff for people that are really serious about their rides.

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ISIS 42mm bearings
42mm bearings
NImbus / Kris Holm KH 42mm Bearings   ISIS bearings for ISIS hubs 42x22x12mm Sold i..
Midway Flip bell
Flip Bell (Ring, Ring!)
Who needs a bell for their unicycle? Nobody that's who. Unless you are riding on the roads in Europe..
Pyramid 8-function cycle computer
Pyramid 8-Function Cycle Computer -Speedometer -Average speed -Max speed -Auto trip meter -Odometer ..
ENO Slackwire Slackline
ENO Slackline
  SlackWire Improve balance and core strength in one safe and simple activity. Set up ..
Kris Holm 22mm x 40mm bearings
KH 22x40
This set of bearings allows compatibility between ISIS hubs and frames with 40mm bearing housings. ..
M13 ISIS Bolt - Impact Only
M13 - Individual
Crank Bolt for Impact ISIS hubs. • M13 • INDIVIDUAL Bolts Please note: ISIS use M8, M12, M13 ..
The Essential Guide to Mountain and Trials Unicycling
Kris Holm's Book
  Paperback: 174 pages Dimensions: 7.5"x9.25" (18.8 cm x 23.1 cm) ISBN: 978-0-9868418-0-4 ..
Kris Holm Rollo Disks
Rollo Disks
Sold in Pairs, this simple disk bolts to the Kris Holm Moment cranks - you slip the axle bolt onto t..
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