The extra parts you MIGHT want on a unicycle. This is usually the stuff for people that are really serious about their rides.

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ISIS 42mm bearings
42mm bearings
NImbus / Kris Holm KH 42mm Bearings   ISIS bearings for ISIS hubs 42x22x12mm Sold i..
Midway Flip bell
Flip Bell (Ring, Ring!)
Who needs a bell for their unicycle? Nobody that's who. Unless you are riding on the roads in Europe..
ENO Slackwire Slackline
ENO Slackline
  SlackWire Improve balance and core strength in one safe and simple activity. Set up ..
Kris Holm 22mm x 40mm bearings
KH 22x40
This set of bearings allows compatibility between ISIS hubs and frames with 40mm bearing housings. ..
M13 ISIS Bolt - Impact Only
M13 - Individual
Crank Bolt for Impact ISIS hubs. • M13 • INDIVIDUAL Bolts Please note: ISIS use M8, M12, M13 ..
Kris Holm Rollo Disks
Rollo Disks
Sold in Pairs, this simple disk bolts to the Kris Holm Moment cranks - you slip the axle bolt onto t..
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