Clamps. Let’s talk about clamp sizes. They are stupid. For many years, clamp sizes were labeled to match a seatpost. For example, a 22.2mm clamp was used with a 22.2mm seatpost… However, the 22.2mm size refered to the external diameter of the seatpost, which goes into a frame, which the clamp goes on the outside of, so the numbering was exactly accurate.

Then, suddenly, we started trying to call the clamps by their actual internal diameter size, which was better, cause that’s what most of the b*ke industry does anyway.

Generally, they work like this: seatpost matches to a 25.4mm clamp.
25.4mm seatpost matches to a 28.6mm clamp.
27.2mm seapost matches to a 31.8mm/32mm clamp.

A few rare and special frames screw all of this up, of course.
Like I said, stupid. But that’s how it works.

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